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As the largest art and heritage repository in southern Vermont, the museum houses diverse collections reflecting the history of early Vermont and historically associated areas of New York and Massachusetts.  Art and artifacts range in date from the early 18th century to the present.  Items include the largest public collection of paintings by the great American folk artist Grandma Moses, which draws visitors from around the world.
Grandma Moses Gallery

On view year round is a selection of works by Anna Mary Robertson Moses (1860 - 1961), who became known to the world as Grandma Moses, one of America's most noted folk artists.

Moses began painting in her seventies and by the time of her death in 1961, she had created over 1500 works of art.

The Bennington Museum holds the largest public collection of Moses' paintings in the country, as well as "Yarn paintings", art supplies, and the 18th century tilt-top table Moses painted with rustic scenes and  used as her easel.